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Raw Material Acquisition

Only with good materials can good products be made. With deepening industrial cooperation and coordinating industry development as its strategic layout across the country, Rushi has co-built ten major Sichuan pepper planting bases in Gansu and Sichuan (Hanyuan, Jinyang), and set up more than 50 direct purchase networks of Sichuan pepper and spices throughout the country, thus forming a competitive raw material supply guarantee system.
Rushi manages all links from the planting of Sichuan pepper to its cultivation and growth so that the Sichuan pepper of all places of production is under control throughout the process (such as seedling raising, transplanting, flowering, pest prevention, fertilization, harvesting, and drying). Through standardized management, product quality and food safety are guaranteed from the source.

Technological Innovation

Rushi takes technological innovation as its core driving force for development as always. It has independently developed the 9-step purifying selection process and the 27-pass filtration technology, providing breakthrough solutions for the purifying selection of Sichuan pepper and spices.

Stable Product Quality

Currently, Rushi has created a whole chain quality tracking management system from direct purchase of raw materials to product sales, realizing whole-process recording and traceability, ensuring whole-process food safety, from raw materials to finished products, from the fields to consumers' dinner tables.

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Rushi boasts strong independent testing capacities and a well-established quality safety management system, allowing for the controlled and traceable whole process involving raw material inspection and acceptance, quality-maintained storage, production and processing, and finished product testing. Because of its strong refrigeration quality-maintained storage capacity and strict implementation of monthly quality investigation, each batch of its goods delivered to customers maintains stable and consistent quality.



Getting an ISO22000/ISO9001/HACCP certification, Rushi has implemented a digitized, streamlined, and visualized traceability system in an all-around way. Through monitoring and recording of all links, it has achieved whole-process traceability and product quality control from raw materials to products reaching customers.



Rushi adopts a strict monitoring mode together with the direct purchase base at each place of production for compliant control of pesticides and fertilizers. The system takes sensory, physical, and chemical control of raw materials and takes quality and safety control measures for products on production lines—such as gravity separation, X-ray selection, color sorting, and magnetic separation—and for finished products like pre-delivery batch physical and chemical inspection and visual inspection.

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Industry Standard Formulation

To promote the healthy development of prickly ash and spices, Rushi has teamed up with professional institutions, experts and scholars, and related enterprises to formulate group standards such as the Szechuan Pepper, Determination of Numb-taste Substance in Prickly Ash and its Products, and Sieve Analysis in Spice. It attaches importance to R&D achievements in the field of science and technology and makes use of the scientific and technological advantages of enterprises to continuously improve product quality and advance the technological development of the industry.
As a leading enterprise in the spice industry, Rushi insists on driving industrial development with scientific and technological innovation. Relying on its scientific and technological strength, Rushi makes in-depth efforts and investments to facilitate the normalized and standardized development of the industry and the healthy development and internationalization of China's seasoning industry.


Core Process: 9-step purifying selection process and 27-pass filtration technology

Rushi has developed complete standards for the classification of raw materials. For all materials to enter the warehouse, the 27-pass filtration technology and the 9-step purifying selection process are applied to guarantee the naturality, safety, and quality of the materials.
9 processes: shape selection, gravity separation, wind selection, magnetic separation, color sorting, X-Ray selection, Intelligent homogenizer, Automatic packaging, metal inspection